Covenant Community Church was a church plant in Newark, Ohio by the Southern Baptist Convention. Pastor Josh Tinkham and his wife Rebecca grew up in Newark and always prayed to have a reformed baptist church community in their hometown. In June of 2015 they were approached for this very opportunity by Trinity Baptist Church in Cambridge, OH. We are a mix of ages and families at Covenant Community with a passion for maturing one another in discipleship through the teaching and preaching of God's word. We pray to have community and fellowship with each other in strengthening families and individuals in a Christian worldview and environment. On May 6, 2018  Covenant Community joined ARBCA (Association of Reformed Baptist Churches in America). 

As an emphasis of discipling each other in the faith and building up a Christian worldview, we have nights of fellowship and teaching with the intent of equipping individuals and families to be laborers in the Great Commission. We not only want to build up adults in the faith, but also children. That is why we encourage a family integrated style so that the children can see their parents worship, and also learn and be taught themselves. Children are not considered a distraction and the congregation practices patience while families are teaching their children, because we all know it is a process for this and we are here to help.