Church History

In this Sunday school series we will look at history knowing that Christ has promised to build his church. We will attempt to gain an appreciation for the christians of the past and be challenged by both their successes and failures. Our ultimate goal is to see God's work in history and be challenged to think deeper about what we beleive and why we believe it.


15 Rome, Europe and the Papacy


14 Augustine of Hippo


13 Fourth Century Controversies


12 Church Organization

Development of church structure and organization through the first five centuries.


11 African Fathers

Tertullian, Cyprian, Clement of Alexandria and Origen.


10 Heresy

Docetism, the Gnostics, and their influence in Roman Catholicism and Islam.


9 Schisms

The Montanists, Novationists, Dontatists, and the response of the church.


8 Persecution

Persecution up to 324 A.D.


7 The Apologists

Second century christians and their defense of the faith.


6 Apostolic Fathers

Who were the christians that lived during the time of the apostles and shortly there after? What did they write? What difficulties did they face?


5 New Testament History

When and where does christianity begin? What was first century christianity and what changes did it undergo between the ressurection of christ and the death of the last apostle?


4 Greek and Roman Background

The world into which Jesus was born was dominated by Roman authorities and greek culture, language and religion. The commonality of the greek language made it possible for the new testament to be widely read and distributed. In this lesson we will look further at this medditeranean world into which church history begins.


3 Jewish Background

There was a long history leading up to the time of Jesus and there were many expectations of what the messiah would do for Israel. The judaism of Jesus' day was multifaceted and the interactions we find between the jews and Jesus, Paul and the Christians has a lot of background.


2 How to study church history

How do we know what happened in the past? What are our sources? Do we need to find replica's of ourselves in the ancient church? What authority do ancient writers have over christians today? What is tradition and how does it function alongside the scriptures.


1 Why study church history

How does scripture and tradition relate to each other? What role should history play in the life of the christian? Do the christians that came before us have anything to teach us today?